About us


We believe that the right job makes the right person happier and more energized.

That’s why the Non-Executive People team have been working with drive and enthusiasm for more than 25 years to fill non-executive roles for our clients. We set the bar high: every role is filled successfully. Through the years our approach has developed to become best practice in the market. That is reflected by our 100% success rate in filling senior non-executive roles. We have achieved this result thanks to close teamwork among a group of honest and driven consultants, each with at least 15 years of executive search experience, working with the support of a group of highly educated and ambitious professionals.

Non-profit organizations and social enterprises

Besides our work for commercial organizations and public authorities, we also regularly work for non-profit organizations and social enterprises. For this category we offer our services at a special rate or even pro bono.

We are also a customer of a various social enterprises and actively help to promote awareness of the sustainable initiatives that we support.

Sustainable employability of our staff

Non-Executive People believes in a sustainable approach to business, the world around us and our staff. In order to promote the sustainable employability of our staff, Non-Executive People aims to encourage healthy, sustainable behaviour in the workplace, so that employees can continue to deliver top performance in future and live long, happy and energetic lives. To this end Non-Executive People has already completed vitality programmes with two employees, under the guidance of the health and performance organization Lifeguard. We also have an ‘Executive People Vital’ programme, which is aimed at managing the energy and behavioural patterns of the entire organization in order to boost the sustainable employability of staff. Thanks to these programmes, we have gained insights into how our employees can make the best use of their strengths and we have adapted our organization accordingly. During these times of rapid economic change, pressure in the workplace is increasing and this subject now has greater urgency than ever before.