Intermediary for non-executive and supervisory board

Hemingway Search specializes in searching for and selecting non-executives and supervisory officers, combining a thorough and transparent search method with an extensive and remarkable network.

Diversity and transparancy

Being a non-executive director isn’t a hobby or an honorary position – it’s a specialist job. It’s not something you simply do on the side, but a role that demands time and energy. Selecting the right members for a supervisory board is crucial. Diversity is always high on the agenda. Not just diversity in terms of expertise, but also in terms of gender, age, background, culture and other factors. Our transparent, methodical approach will guarantee maximum diversity in your team.

Executive Search and Selection

Executive search is our business. It’s a business that we have pursued with passion and enthusiasm for many years. We always set the bar high, for ourselves and for our clients as well. Every assignment needs to be successfully completed. And that means making a successful appointment for the long term.

Hemingway Search

Hemingway Search has its roots in the cooperation between Hemingway Professional Governance with Legal People. Founded more than 30 years ago, Legal People was the first executive search agency in the Netherlands to focus exclusively on legal professionals. As market leader in the legal market, we are regularly asked to search for non-executives with a legal background. In order to meet that need while also finding non-executives with a non-legal background, we have worked in partnership with Hemingway Professional Governance to establish a new label: Hemingway Search. This new label will specialize in search and selection of non-executives and supervisory officers.


100% success rate

We always aim to offer our clients a selection of the best suitable candidates. A unique feature of our approach is the ‘wild card’ candidate, which challenges clients to think out of the box and gives them the opportunity for new insights. Our transparent and methodical market approach ensures that we achieve this. Thanks to combination of our 30 years’ experience in developing search procedures, our extensive market knowledge and the sheer professionalism of our consultants, we are proud to claim a 100% success rate.

PACT measurement

In order to further optimize our services, we worked in partnership with het HartKantoor to develop the PACT measurement: a unique assessment for non-executives and supervisory officers.

When selecting candidates, we anticipate the latest supervisory requirements. We also assist organizations and candidates in undergoing any assessments by authorities such as the Dutch central bank (DNB) or Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), as well as offering individual or group guidance.

The ultimate network

Our partnership with Hemingway Professional Governance gives us access to a remarkable, high-quality network of the very best non-executives and supervisory officers. This enables us to reach even further than our own extensive network.

Hemingway’s network has been established over the years partly thanks to its training programmes for non-executives, run on an ‘invitation only’ basis. In addition, Hemingway’s annual Forum Series Governance of Innovation has unlocked access to an entirely new target group of non-executives with a background in the digital world and innovation.

These meetings give us the opportunity to really get to know these non-executives and supervisory officers. This has given us a clear picture of their abilities, their personalities and the roles that they play on supervisory boards.

As a result, we are in a better position to assess the experience, skills and cultural fit of potential candidates. Combined with our expertise in executive search, this means we can offer added value both to candidates (when advising them on supervisory roles) and to clients (when organizing their supervisory boards).


We support the supervisory boards of profit and non-profit organizations and listed companies, helping them to decide on the composition of their boards and select the right members. We believe that a cross-sectoral approach optimizes supervision and diversity.

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