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Non-Executive People | Hemingway bases its approach on the belief that social and technological changes are happening extremely fast and that the requirements that apply to non-executives are constantly becoming more challenging. This means combining the best search process with the highest quality network of non-executives in the Netherlands: the Hemingway Professional Governance network.

We believe that the right non-executive in the right position can make a huge difference to an organization. The duties of non-executives have changed continuously over the past 25 years. The trick is always to anticipate what proper supervision requires. That necessitates a distinct focus.

Our talent pool

Non-Executive People | Hemingway has more than 6700 non-executives and supervisory officers in its talent pool. We are personally acquainted with around 3500 members of this professionally diverse group, thanks to relationships carefully cultivated and maintained over the past 12 years. How have we managed this? Simply because we enjoy and value what we do: training and matching people. It’s in our DNA.

We deliberately pursue a cross-sectoral approach because bringing together people from different sectors and backgrounds, with different world views, is essential to the proper composition of a board. We also ensure that members understand each other despite their diversity.  Because diversity also leads to constructive dialogue.

Always up to date and always professional

Hemingway Professional Governance offers a broad range of services for non-executives and supervisory officers.