7 reasons to choose Non-Executive People | Hemingway

  1. ‘Putting the right person in the right position unleashes new energy’. That’s what we believe and it’s what guides us when fulfilling search assignments.
  1. ‘We believe in the power of transparency’. Thanks to transparent procedures combined with a network without strict delineation, we offer a refreshing selection of the best candidates for non-executive positions.
  1. ‘Better supervision leads to better organizations’. Establishing a complementary, diverse and inclusive supervisory board delivers better supervision, which enables organizations to function better.
  1. ‘We always find a wild card’. We always include unexpected yet indispensable candidates in our selection.
  1. ‘We have the most extensive and remarkable network of non-executives in the Netherlands’. Thanks to our partnership with Hemingway PG, we always have access to an extensive network of highly trained non-executives.
  1. ‘Personality is key’. That’s why we ask all our candidates to undertake a PACT measurement in order to gain insights on their natural strengths.
  1. ‘We have a 100% success rate’. We successfully complete every search assignment that we take on.