PACT measurement

Uniek talent generates energy

All candidates who discuss vacancies with us undergo a PACT measurement. This gives them a greater insight into their talents, into what energizes them and the kind of that role that suits them best.

Clients, on the other hand, are already aware of the qualities of their current team members and can choose a new colleague partly on the basis of which candidate will contribute the most additional energy to the team.


Origins of the PACT measurement

We regularly talk to companies that are interested in our services. We guarantee a 100% success rate and are constantly working to optimize the quality of our product. That’s why we worked in partnership with het HartKantoor (previously het HoofdKantoor) to develop the PACT measurement. By combining this unique measurement with a structured interview, we can deliver a more authoritative opinion on the extent to which a candidate’s background and ambitions are aligned with a specific vacancy. The PACT measurement gives insights on a candidate’s qualities and development potential and on the factors that energize them or drain energy from them, while also offering greater certainty that the client will choose the right candidate.